The incredible story of Widow Twankey’s dog’s collar

Widow Twankey was quite lonely and bored after all the razzamatazz with Aladdin, the genie of the lamp, the rags to riches debacle and Aladdin’s marriage to the Princess Jasmine. Thrilled that Aladdin and his new wife were so happy but also sad, as it left a big hole in life now there was no need to worry about Aladdin and his idle ways anymore.

Widow Twankey took to taking long strolls around the city in the balmy summer evenings. These walks often meandered past a little cafe where there were little brightly coloured tables for two; with flowers and mismatched crockery and comfortable painted wooden chairs with bright floral cushions outside. A perfect place for sitting and watching the world go by. Widow Twankey usually ordered a pink strawberry milkshake as it went well with the colours of the cafe and also the chosen ensemble of the day.

Widow Twankey had quite extraordinary taste when it came to clothes and a favourite outfit was a pink dress with sequins all over it and a petticoat of multicoloured layers of netting. A soft white leather top hat with peacock feathers and diamanté trim with matching knee length, white leather, lace up french heeled boots; adorned with pink, red, green, blue and yellow pearly buttons up the side. The whole affair, from head to toe, was made by Widow Twankey’s own fair hands – something to be (justifiably) proud of!

One day, sitting in this finery at the cafe in a favourite spot, a huge black and tan Rottweiler came and sat down – promptly blocking Widow Twankey’s view of the street. Widow Twankey was initially a bit scared of the dog given his size, and with some trepidation politely asked the dog if he would mind moving a little to one side so it was possible to regain a view of the street in front.

The dog replied that he didn’t really want to move, and anyway he didn’t really have anywhere else to go as he was homeless. He was also transfixed by Widow Twankey’s regalia and wanted to know if it was possible to make him a collar as fine as the outfit Widow Twankey was wearing.

Widow Twankey was very flattered that the dog loved this outfit so much. And given the dogs size and strength, was reluctant to have an argument with him about moving. Although the dog seemed very placid and gentle and the Widow found him more and more likeable the longer that he sat there.

In the meantime, Widow Twankey was also keen to see the goings-on in the street beyond … A photo shoot was taking place with Aladdin and his wife Princess Jasmine who were revelling in their new found fame and fortune and who wanted to share every single moment of their new lives with their followers on Instagram and Facebook.

To try and appease the large dog (and because by this stage he had quite endeared himself), Widow Twankey asked him – “shall I make you a collar that matches my outfit? .. and would you like to come and live with me too so we can keep each other company?” The dog replied politely (he was keen to impress Widow Twankey as the feeling was mutual) that “yes, I would love to share your home, and if I can have a collar that is as lovely as your outfit too I will gladly obey your every command and sit wherever you wish!”

Widow Twankey was delighted with this news and set about making a collar, the likes of which had never been seen before. 

After a short while … the Widow, full of enthusiasm for thIs new project worked quickly, up-cycling precious scraps of fabric, leather and beads from previous designs; saved for this very occasion.

The finished collar was indeed just as extraordinary as Widow Twankey’s own outfit and matched it perfectly. Pink sequins and gauze … even white leather lining and flowers with bright jewels and other fripperies.

Widow Twankey held the wondrous creation out for the dog to see and the large gentle dog wept with joy as he was so delighted with his new collar. “Thank you Widow Twankey – it is a joy to behold and it is perfectly splendid” he said.

Before placing the collar around the dogs neck, Widow Twankey asked him – “what is your name?” “I don’t have a name” the dog replied. “Well, can I call you Remy Martin after a well known champagne brand?” asked the Widow. The dog cocked his head and looked at his kindly, colourful new acquaintance long and hard. “OK”, he said, “as long as you shorten it to Remy when we are in public”.

Remy and Widow Twankey both happily agreed to this arrangement.

Just as they were about to take a sip of their strawberry milkshakes (the Widow had ordered one for Remy too by this time), the Instagram photographer from across the street turned away from taking photographs of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine briefly and took a photograph of Remy, exclaiming; “fabulous darling! I shall post it on the World Wide Web so all can see your incredible outfit!”

And so, dear reader, this the story of how Widow Twankey came to have a dog called Remy and how they both had magnificent, extraordinary, perfectly co-ordinated splendid ensembles.

And of course, most importantly, how they both lived together happily ever after!


You may be wondering why this tale has appeared?

It started with a challenge that I set myself; to buy a T shirt and beads from the charity shop and find a way to upcycle them into a collar…

As I made the collar I found myself imagining a pantomime dame … and Widow Twankey came to mind. A friend then pointed out that they didn’t know that Widow Twankey had a dog.

I realised that a story was needed to give Widow Twankey a dog and to give a reason for this collar!

In my defence, I have been in splendid isolation on the river for a while now.

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