Old black tool pouch

Making useful things: The retirement of an old black tool pouch

Making useful things and especially creating things that people really want is at the heart of what we do on Craftybird!

Fixing stuff thats broken, making something out of leather that replaces something old and tatty is an absolute favourite thing to do.

The other day I was approached about making a simple pouch to house a tool which could be hung on a belt. It was a lovely brief! 

The existing tool holder was a beaten up black canvas affair – testament to the amount of use it got. And since there was evidence of some pretty intensive use, I knew that the replacement needed to be super strong. I used 3mm veg tan leather to make the pouch, which also matched the belt that held it.

Stitching the pieces together using heavy duty waxed linen thread, burnishing the edges to stop them from absorbing water. Giving the whole thing a final coat of sealant to protect it some more. 

The new pouch turned out to be a bit bigger than the original – I used the tool that it was being made for as a measure and make sure it would fit, and I guess with 3mm veg tan leather its understandable that it would be a more substantial affair.

It was an absolute pleasure to design and make something to replace the tired looking old black pouch. Very satisfying to do. Making useful things.

Thank you, Nick, for your order! I hope you get many years of use from your new tool pouch!

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