Evolving workshop ways

Finally, we are emerging from what has felt like one of the loooongest Winters! Hopping and skipping into Spring! Bluebells and asparagus. Bright greens and new growth. Dandelions and daisies. Ducklings and duck fights. Longer evenings. Warmer days. Brighter mornings. More solar power! (… in Craftybird boat world that means hooray! – the fridge can be switched on again!).

The workshop is now open regularly at the weekends and with this comes the constant question of evolving workshop ways.

What we make

In the workshop on Craftybird, we want to make things that will appeal to a wide audience … we’re finding our way with what you want to see from us and your suggestions/requests are very welcome!

Making too much of something and then finding its not of interest obviously means that it’ll take up valuable display space and be a waste of expensive raw materials. We are focussing on making small quantities of things that will hopefully appeal to all pockets and tastes!

Buy from us

The whole online marketplace is another job all together! At the moment we can sell and post any of our items if you make contact by email, phone, instagram, facebook… and just ask for what you want. If its something you have seen on our Instagram feed or from visiting the shop if we don’t have it we can make it for you specially.

contact us

Create with us

Workshops for creative souls to come on board and make something for themselves is a big part of Craftybird’s reason and purpose! Should we offer workshops on an adhoc basis that are always ‘ready’ for walk in sessions or would it be better to develop a booking system? Currently if you want to come aboard and make something you don’t need to book, you can just turn up!

You can make pretty much anything you want in the workshop! We have some ideas for things to make out of leather that might appeal and these can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities from 8 years up!

Beautiful bespoke belt
Fabulous dog collar and luscious matching lead
Unique shaped flower brooch
Colour co-ordinated hair slide
Mystery braid bracelet
Totally useful plant pot hanger

Or… maybe you have something that you’d like to mend? Bring it along!

Your thoughts and ideas on what you’d like to see for sale and on what you would like to be able to make in the workshop are always very welcome!

Come and see us!

To find us, and to make contact (and please follow and like!) @4craftybird on Instagram, or craftybird.uk on Facebook.

We look forward to welcoming you on board Craftybird soon!

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