For the shared joy of twinkly fairy lights!

There has been some bleak cold grey weather in the last week or so … Winter is truly upon us! This year however, it feels like we have all decided, that in defiance of our shared virus tribulations, we will start the Christmas season early. 

The joyful twinkly festive lights that normally make an appearance towards the end of December have been brought out much earlier and by much larger numbers of neighbours.

The lights come in all shapes and sizes, and pretty much anything goes. Creative energy is at an all time high in the Village!

The fact that we have all put them out so early this year means that we have a lovely bright cheerful display every evening to entertain and uplift our spirits.

Meg and I decided to take a walk around the village one evening this week to have a look at the lights and marvel at our neighbours’ marvellous creativity.

The imaginative and colourful displays were a joy to behold!

I decided to try and take photographs of them (not an easy task at night without a specialist camera) and I know for a fact that I haven’t captured all of them as more fantastic displays are appearing every evening!

I love the advent window trail.. where 25 houses have volunteered to create an advent display in their window. So each day leading up to Christmas Day there is a new window to look for in the Village. Maps showing their location are on sale locally and the proceeds are going to charity. A brilliant idea! I haven’t captured all of the advent windows … its way too early for that so the ones we saw on our evening stroll are shown along side other fabulous displays!

 Window displays

Garden displays

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  1. How fantastic, didn’t realise that the village was so prolific with their lights. Looking forward to seeing them in a week or so.

  2. As a great lover of Christmas lights I especially love this post. Xxx check out my boat at Thrupp

    1. Your love of fairy lights is infamous and well placed. I have heard rumours that your display this year is visible from the Space station! Xx

  3. What a brilliantly sparkly way to put us in the Christmas spirit! A lovely way to relax this morning with my cup of tea after a busy day at Daunt Books yesterday. I love the idea of the advent windows: what fun everyone will have spotting them.

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