Pleased to turn the news into pulp.

“Necessity is the Mother of invention…” (Plato)

This is a thing that I have created as a direct result of being at home under lockdown. Forced into activity and creativity to save my sanity. To divert my thoughts from negativity. To find a reason to apply myself to something other than the appalling news which surrounds us all.

The answer lay in paper mache

Something that can be created from nothing more than old newspapers, flour and water.

I decided to keep things simple. I chose to make a tray, as there were two identical trays I could use as a mould.

I was pleased to turn the news into pulp.

It took two or three layers of newspaper before the tray was strong enough. Then I put a layer of white paper.

Next, lacking coloured paints, I started decorating the tray with pieces of coloured tissue paper. A sort of decoupage. 

I decided to colour the tray with different sized circles of tissue paper. No orderly lines or patterns, just randomly placed coloured patches. 

A kind of chaotic effect which I felt reflected the world around me.

And just to be crystal clear that this paper mache tray was a creation born out of this specific set of circumstances; I put the word on the back. 

The word that we see every day in the news. 

The word which has stopped the World. 

The word that describes death and pain and heartache. 

The word which came out of nowhere… 

The word I wish I had never heard. 

The ‘C’ word. 

The word that has made us rethink everything.

Time for tea

“Tea’s proper use is to amuse the idle, relax the studious, and dilute the full meals of those who cannot use exercise, and will not use abstinence.”

Samuel Johnson

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  1. Awesome

    I don’t think I’ve done paper mache since I left school!

    Obviously, that was a while back………..

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