The Yoga Stone

I sit cross legged facing the sun with my eyes closed. 

I can feel a cool Spring breeze on my face.

My eyelids feel warm and rosy.

I listen to the sounds near by and far away of water and birds. 

Other small sounds and big.

With conscious smooth inhale and exhale of breath

I contemplate life. Thoughts floating around in my head.

Things I need to do later today, tomorrow, next week.

I open my eyes slightly to see my dogs sniffing near by through my eyelashes.

They watch me too. 

But they know now to keep to themselves when I am in this pose.

The thoughts in my head disappear.

I am just here. 


At peace.


The Yoga Stone

Happy Easter wishes to All ? xxx

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  1. KIrsten Nelson says:

    This is lovely. Thank you for keeping up the writing.

  2. Fiona Larcombe says:

    Your first picture made me cry, because it made me realise how desperate I am for the sea. In an ordinary life, I would be on the South Devon coast this weekend. Just need to keep it alive in my heart. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my yoga in my beautiful garden, listening to the birds. Fx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope you will see the sea very soon. XX

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