Best folding shelf and magazine rack – ever!


If you are short on space, you will need this clever solution to store books and iPads – and also have a shelf for drinks and snacks when you need it!


This is both a magazine and paper holder as well as an occasional shelf when neeeded!

This ingenious design is so simple and yet so effective you will wonder how you ever managed to do without it before now!

Two leather straps provide a loop which can be used to store books, magazines and tablets. The loops take up no space at all and are made from beautiful veg tan leather. All colours.

When you want a temporary shelf to place a drink or snack, you simply adjust the position of the shelf contents. You will need a hardback book or computer tablet to form the base of the shelf.

Once adjusted the shelf is there for your use, and When you have finished using it as a shelf, within seconds can be flattened again to return to its function as a book holder or magazine rack.


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